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To deliver a project like The LOOP, the most advanced technical expertise, project management, and diversified funding sources would be required for this city-wide effort; but before these resources came together, we needed vision.

The vision to connect our city with a shared trail was brought together by civic and elected leaders with the experience and resources to accomplish The LOOP. That leadership still drives us today, most recently seen in founding Board Member Rick Perdue’s op ed for D Magazine.

The President of Rosewood Property Co. recently shared his vision on what it will take to keep Dallas thriving over other big cities in the coming decades (and The LOOP is part of this path!) Read more here.

The LOOP as an infrastructure investment of the future is being realized. The first phase of the Trinity Forest Spine Trail, under construction now, was put to the test during the 1,000 year flood event on August 22. As the trail follows White Rock Creek south from White Rock Lake to the Trinity Forest, the floodplain has controlled how this green space is activated and accessed.

During the recent storms, much of the Tenison Glen Golf Course around White Rock Creek was under water, as you can see in the following images.

We knew this would happen and have been designing the Trinity Forest Spine Trail above traditional standards, elevating the trail to at least the five-year flood level throughout its length. While these modifications take more time, money, and expertise to design and construct, the final product is already proving its worth. Four days after the August flooding, despite some areas being submerged during the storm, construction crews were able to return to the site and continue pouring concrete for the project. The elevated trail design and construction withstood the floodwaters, as designed.

Two weeks after the storms, the largest bridge on this phase of the project was installed, shown in the images below. The 190’ single span bridge crosses White Rock Creek just north of the golf course and south of a historic, and the still-active railroad trestle, which you can see below. This was an exciting moment – more images and video of the installation can be viewed on our social media channels.

We’re proud of The LOOP’s leadership and design and look forward to celebrating these accomplishments with you all when the trail opens later this year.