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Artists Jeff Gibbons (@jeff._.gibbons) and Gregory Ruppe (@dragulasbruder) have created an installation that runs the length of the Katy Trail, from just north of its South Trailhead on N. Houston Street to just south of where the trail intersects Harvard Avenue.

Entitled Borest Forest, Grunting Grasses, the installation comprises a series of vignettes featuring sculptures of squirrels that appear at intervals along the trail. The works may blend naturally into the environment of the trail, distinguished from the real animals only by their fixity, as well as their uncanny human faces, which resemble those of the artists themselves. The various placements of the sculptures along the trail suggest a narrative, a slightly surrealist story, like a fairy tale, that reflects the vaguely otherworldly experience of the trail itself—a thin thread of nature strung along an industrial rail line that runs through the urban environs of Uptown.

Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe Art installation on the Katy Trail