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The Katy trail runs along a disused rail line and traverses directly through the beautiful, green wooded areas around Turtle Creek. The 3.5 mile trail is located in between the Uptown and Oaklawn neighborhoods just north of downtown Dallas and you can grab a coffee, a bite to eat, shop or just enjoy nature along this path. It serves as a 26 acre linear park providing recreational and alternative commuting opportunities in one of the densest areas of the City.

To access the trail:
The best place to park near the north end of the Katy Trail is the parking lot near Knox Street. To get to it, take Travis Street south from the Knox intersection, then take a right into the first retail parking lot on your right. Go straight and it will become an alley that leads you to a lot adjacent to the Katy Trail. Note that some of the spaces are reserved for E2M employees during business hours.

On the southern end (closer to downtown) you can park at Reverchon Park in the lot near the baseball fields. Just take the ramp in the park up to the Katy Trail. The park address is 3505 Maple Avenue.

Click here to learn more about the Friends of Katy Trail.