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The Dallas City Council authorized the acquisition of Parkdale Lake from Oncor, which will provide our community with access to 110 acres of natural park and trail land.

“Neighborhood parks and trails are not just perks or vanity projects — they are critical infrastructure in a 21st-century city. Parkdale Lake will be a tremendous asset to southern Dallas, and I am excited about all the possibilities presented by Oncor’s amazing donation of 110 acres of parkland. I am also incredibly grateful to the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and our partners at the Circuit Trail Conservancy for helping us make this new park and trail possible. Together, we will build an amazing green space that generations of our residents will enjoy.”

“I am excited to see the development of Parkdale Lake moving forward. This will be one of the largest urban parks in the country. The acquisition of this land will advance investment and development in District 7, and will benefit all residents in the surrounding area. I am thankful for our partnership with ONCOR and I look forward to working with our residents and stakeholders to create our vision for this future park.”

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