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Dallas has long been a car city. In fact, some of our neighbors cannot even leave their neighborhood without a car. But that is changing with The Loop Dallas. Feet and bikes (including those adapted for people of differing abilities) are becoming options too. 

The Loop Dallas made the front page of The Dallas Morning News, for breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. Beyond a trail, it’s a monumental stride in connecting Dallas to Dallas and overcoming historical divisions that have left neighboring communities long underserved. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary achievement and discover how The Loop Dallas is shaping a more inclusive and connected city. Dive into Equity Reporter Leah Waters White’s article here to learn more. 

2024: A Year of Milestones and Celebrations in Dallas

As we step into 2024, Dallas continues to buzz with excitement about progress on The Loop Dallas. This year will be marked by a series of notable events and significant milestones. Leading the charge is the opening of the Hi Line Connector. This one-mile urban trail will extend the iconic placemaking of the Katy Trail through Victory Park and the Design District, seamlessly connecting to the Trinity Strand Trail. 

We will also begin construction of the Discovery Gateway in 2024. This visionary roadway safety project will forge connections between the Trinity Strand Trail and the Skyline Trail by replacing a car lane on the six-lane portion of Sylvan Ave in each direction with a protected trail for pedestrians and bike riders to travel between West Dallas and the Design District. More information on this project will be released in the coming weeks.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also have construction timing updates on the Trinity Forest Spine Trail South Phase, the Trinity Forest Spine Trail North Phase II, and The Loop Plaza.

 This means 9 of the 11 miles needed to complete The Loop Dallas will be open or under construction in 2024!

See you on the trails!

Philip Hiatt Haigh

Executive Director
The Loop Dallas